Portable Fuel-less Generator for Home

Tens Of Thousands  Units Sold Since 2010

Equivalent To 7,300 Gallons Of Gasoline Over 10 Years

Gas Can VS Humless Portable Solar Powered Generators


All-in-one portable power storage generator with zero configuration and zero maintenance.


More portable and easier to move than any equivalent portable solar power generator


Use all you paid for (7+ to 10+ years high reliability)


Practical, eco-friendly power storage generator (wind, solar, hydro and grid…)

Versatile Charging

Can Charge From Different Sources

Use Power While Charging

Use AC & DC Power At The Same Time

Humless provides a clean, alternative energy source—by combining solar power with clean energy storage and solar portable generators.

We offer small to medium capacity all-in-one fuelless generators for private recreational use, off-grid or large-scale operations. Our products are smart investments for the future. All of our systems are easy to use, light-weight and long-lasting. We provide AC and DC power at the same time, have long life cycles, versatile rechargeability, and offer the highest quality advanced lithium storage available.

Humless makes solar technology significantly more user-friendly. Complicated user interface and unintelligible technical details scare consumers and regularly confound even highly trained technical installation teams. With Humless, there no confusion. They are easy to use, require no maintenance and are pre-configured ready to use out of the box. They include the charging circuit boards, the batteries, the inverters and control systems integrated into one simple, easy to use, easy to install pre-configured system.

Fuelless solar generators are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A solar power generator for home use not only adds bottom line resale value but provides real off-grid self reliance and peace of mind.

You’ll find the best portable solar power generator for homes, campers, and preppers at Humless. Get in touch with us today.

Re-Charge Thousands Of Times