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August 26, 2016

CUSTOMER VOICES: The Boutwell Family

“Thanks for this product and for the assurance that it has given my son that he will have his equipment necessary for his life.”

Johnny Boutwell is paralyzed from the waist down. He developed sleep apnea as a result of his condition, which requires him to use a CPAP Machine when sleeping. Johnny is now in his teens, and being able to use his CPAP is absolutely critical.

His mother, Rhona, shared his story with us:

After finding out about the sleep apnea, I was also informed that his condition is still critical. Even with a CPAP he could still meet an early demise. With that being said, the importance of him having his CPAP when he sleeps is all that more important.”

“…we had 2 power outages that lasted for about 5 hours each and both of them occurred late at night. With the Humless right next to his bed, he was able to disconnect his CPAP and plug it into his Humless and not even have to get out of his bed.”

“I was so impressed with the idea that I could have this power source that could be kept right by his bed and I didn’t have to worry about hazardous fumes from using a gas powered generator.”