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Emergency Home Medical Battery Backup

Power outages come with a long list of problems. Don’t let powering your medical devices be one of those problems. Our energy systems are designed to let you know exactly how long it can power the devices that are plugged in. Rest easy with the comfort of being prepared.

Power You Can Depend On

Reliability matters, especially when it comes to powering your home medical devices. Our system components are designed and built for longevity. By using our own designs and manufacturing we can insure that the components are built to our exact specifications. This is how we ensure your backup power works when you need it most.

1500 Series .64 kWh

The .64 is our lightest energy storage system. It’s the perfect size to travel with or store in tight spaces. This is a great option for light energy users.


1500 Series 1.3 kWh

With twice as much energy storage as The .64, The 1.3 is better suited to power multiple electronics while still being portable. The larger battery storage gives you a little extra security when you need it most.