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Charge your Humless with your standard home outlet, solar panels, wind turbine or wire straight into your home.



Keep your Humless at room temperature in a dry place.



Plug in and power your electronics.

Own Your Power
What Can the Humless Power?

What is inside your Humless

  • Lithium Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Management System
  • Circuit Board
  • Cooling Fans



We offer small to large capacity all-in-one lithium generators for recreational use, off-grid or large-scale operations. Our products are smart investments for the future. All of our systems are easy to use, light-weight and long-lasting. We provide AC and DC power at the same time, have long life cycles, versatile recharge-ability, and offer the highest quality advanced lithium storage available.

Lithium Battery Storage

Lithium batteries have been in use since the 1970’s. They are most commonly used in electric busses and vehicles. There are many different combinations of chemicals that can be used to create a lithium battery. Our specific lithium composition (lithium ferrous phosphate) is known for its reliability and safety.

Humless provides a clean, alternative energy source

Humless makes solar technology significantly more user-friendly. Complicated user interface and unintelligible technical details scare consumers and regularly confound even highly trained technical installation teams. With Humless, there no confusion. They are easy to use, require no maintenance and are pre-configured ready to use out of the box. They include the charging circuit boards, the batteries, the inverters and control systems integrated into one simple, easy to use, easy to install pre-configured system.

The Humless Difference

Humless provides a clean, alternative energy source—by combining solar power with clean energy storage and solar portable generators.

Solar generators are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. A solar power generator for home use not only adds bottom line resale value but provides real off-grid self reliance and peace of mind.

You’ll find the best portable solar power generator for homes, campers, and preppers at Humless.

On or Off-Grid Ready

Simple Solar Connect

Simple Wind Connect

Advanced Lithium Battery

Care For Your Humless


Lithium batteries last the longest when stored at room temperature. Avoid extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Cycle Every 3 Months

To ensure that your Humless product has a long life its recommended that you use and recharge your Humless at least once every 3 months.

Clear Vents

Humless products are built with cooling vents. Be sure to have adequate ventilation space around your Humless.


Do not use damaged products. While we use the safest lithium batteries on the market, its never safe to use any battery product that is visibly damaged. Contact Humless in the event of a damaged product.

Lithium Vs. Lead-Acid

Some energy storage products today are made with lead acid batteries. While they are very inexpensive to make, they have some significant drawbacks.


You can expect 6 to 10 times the lifespan with a lithium battery. That’s the difference of 500 lead acid cycles to 5000 with lithium. A well cared for lithium battery can last 10+ years. Consider yourself lucky if a lead acid battery lasts even 5 years.


Lead acid batteries are typically about 3 times heavier than lithium. You are hauling around lead, one of the densest metals. Lithium batteries have a much higher energy density and efficiency so you can pack more power into a smaller battery.


When properly cared for these two kinds of batteries are both a safe technology. Never use a battery of any kind that is visibility damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Humless come from?

Loud generators are the inspiration for creating a quiet alternative. Humless refers to how quiet our generators are.

How durable are your products?

Everything at Humless is designed with reliability in mind. Our power systems have all gone through rigorous testing to ensure they exceed expectations. Each system is built with a tough metal shell to keep everything protected.

Can this system run my entire house?

Every household uses different amounts of energy. We offer large sized storage options but it still depends on your personal energy usage.

How does the system charge?

Charges with Either/Both AC & DC. AC sources can be the grid/wall or another generator or wind. DC sources can be solar, wind, hydro, mechanical cranks, etc

How does it store the energy?

The LiFePO4 batteries store energy by opposing electrons inside the battery. These Lithium Ion batteries are the same composition that you typically find in electric cars and busses.

How long does it last?

Varies by product.
1500 Series = 2,500cycles 100% DOD
Off-Grid Series = 3,500 cycles 100% DOD

Is it EMP proof?

No, no electronic system is EMP proof. EMP resistant? Possibly. Are the appliances you plan on using EMP proof? If so, use a faraday cage.

How long will it run my refrigerator?

Varies by product.

Varies by your fridge size & how you use it (door open all the time or closed?).

Typical time for 0.6kWh = 10-12 hrs; 1.3kWh 22-26hrs; 4.8kWh = 5 days; 12kWh = 10 days

Do you sell across the United States?

Yes, anywhere in the US as well as internationally.

How long does it take to ship?

24 hours/next business day

What kind of battery does it use?

LiFePO4 (lithium ferrous phosphate). These lithium ion batteries are similar to what are commonly used in electric cars and busses.

What temperature does it need to stay in?

For best results stay within 32 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. (0-60 Celsius)

How long does it take to charge through the wall?

Varies by product (battery size & charge controller size). Each products data sheet will have the answer.

How long does it take to charge with solar panels?

Varies by product (battery size & charge controller size). Each products data sheet will have the answer.

1500 Series 1.3 kWh



Private: Off-Grid Series 1.5 kWh



Off-Grid Series 12 kWh