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What is a Solar Kit?

A Solar Kit is an simple way to produce, store and transport power. Using the energy from the sun, the solar panels charge the Humless battery system. Once fully charged, store the power until its needed. The battery can also be charged by a standard 120V home outlet.

The Humless 1500 Series Solar Kits include a battery system, two folding solar panels and the necessary cords. Each battery system has two 120V AC outlets, four USB ports, two 12V DC outputs and cigarette lighter output.

Click to learn more about the .64 kWh Solar Kit or the 1.3 kWh Solar Kit.

Using A Solar Kit

How Humless Solar Kits Work 

Best Uses


• Home Preparedness – Keeping Lights And Refrigerator Powered
• Tiny Home Solar Power
• Portable Power For Work Or Recreation
• Power For Camping, Hunting and Fishing
• Quiet RV Power
• Off-Grid Cabin Power
• Emergency Medical Power

Our Lithium Battery Systems

Humless designs and builds the most reliable battery systems using a time tested lithium technology. The lithium we use is the latest and greatest in energy storage. These are far more advanced from the batteries you are used to. Our systems are rated to 3,500+ charges at full discharge and will last for years and years. No more weak batteries that hold a charge for a year then start to die out.

Our lithium battery composition is the same as what you will find in most electric busses and cars. While lithium technology has been around since the 1970’s, we use the most current, cutting edge composition for a longer lasting and more reliable battery.

Rest assured that a Humless power system is ready for when you need it most. Learn more about the .64 kWh battery system or the 1.3 kWh battery system.

Foldable Solar Panels

Our Humless folding panels are the easiest way to move and store solar panels. These high-effiency 130 watt monocrystalline panels are the latest in solar technology. The two panels with a combined 260 watts can charge our .64 kWh battery system in about 3 to 7 hours.

The folded panels measure slightly less than 3′ x 2′. Each comes with a protective carrying case to cover the panel while being moved. Inside the panels, the solar cells are protected by a tempered safety glass to ensure they can withstand the abuse of travel.

Connecting the solar panels to the battery is simple. The panels have easy connect clips that plug straight into the system.

Learn more about the Humless 130 watt foldable solar panels.

1500 Series .64 kWh Solar Kit



1500 Series 1.3 kWh Solar Kit



Foldable 130 Watt Solar Panel