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Battery Storage Made Easy

Off-Grid energy storage has been complicated until now. We designed the Off-Grid Series with simplicity in mind. Every unit has a built-in inverter, charge controller and battery management system. With everything packaged together, set up is as easy as connecting DC and/or AC power to your Humless Off-Grid power system. A qualified electrician is recommended.

The Key To Reliability

We know how important it is to have dependable power when you’re away from the grid. Our systems are built with time-tested lithium technology that has been used in electric busses and vehicles since the 1970’s. We design and build our circuit boards in house to ensure the quality of our components. Everything is packaged in a durable metal shell to make sure your Humless has a long life.


Off-Grid Series 4.8 kWh

Extend your power. The 4.8 can keep your lights on & your refrigerator powered for days. This large sized power system is a great way to power your off-grid cabin or to prepare your home for extended power outages.


Off-Grid Series 12 kWh

Big energy users need big energy storage. This full sized power system prepares you to power large loads or several smaller loads for long periods of time.